Imagine being able to order your sermon.

A sermon that is relevant to this COVID19 world.

A lot of new questions have been raised about life in this world. Many old questions about God and eternity seem to be more pertinent now than ever before.

A sermon that is relevant to the questions YOU have.

Across the world, protests against racial discrimination are causing people to reassess their views on how we can heal division, how we record history and how we engage in civil protests.


We think the Bible has something to say about these things

 Many people just dismiss the Bible as an ancient text for ancient cultures. But our conviction is that, when carefully studied and applied, God will use his Word to guide us through difficult times: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Throughout this lockdown we’ve been choosing just about everything online: our groceries, our food, perhaps even our classes! So, we thought we would give you the chance to choose your sermon series from our online menu.


So, Order in!

1. Take a look at the menu below and choose the five topics you’d most like to hear teaching on.

2. Then share it with anyone else who you think might be interested in these topics.

3. We’ll use all the responses to come up with a series of sermons and various other teaching slots, from 19 July – 9 August.


[If you leave us your contact details, we won’t pester you but will just get back in touch to let you know when/where/how these questions will be answered]

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