The Gospel is for our Lives.

The Gospel is for Monday to Saturday, as much as it is for Sunday. Week in and week out, we seek to live in a way that serves others and brings praise to Jesus. To encourage one another as we do this, we meet in smaller 'Fellowship Groups' during the week.

What are Fellowship Groups?

Fellowship Groups are little gatherings within the larger gathering (church) that meet during the week. We meet in homes, the church building or even coffee shops. We do this because we are family in Christ. Together, we try to understand God’s Word and help one another apply it to our daily lives. It's also a place where we can care for one another, because the Christian walk should not be an isolated journey, but one done in community with others.

How do I join a Fellowship Group?

The first step in the journey is Joining-In. This is a course which introduces you to our church; our core values and how our ministries reflect those values. This is an opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. From there, you will be invited to join a Fellowship Group, led by one of the pastors, where we explore what we believe in the I Believe series. To find out more about Joining-In, check out our 'Get Involved' page.

If you have any further questions on Fellowship Groups please don't hesitate to contact Carel Pienaar (Assistant Pastor).


Our Current Series

1 Thessalonians was written to give a young and suffering church assurance in the Gospel. Throughout the letter the Thessalonians are reminded to keep going with Jesus. As we read this letter we will be challenged too, to keep on going in trusting God, loving one another and hoping in Jesus' coming and our future resurrection.

Download the Group Guide


Our sermons correspond to our Fellowship Group Material. Watch the St Peters Stream, every Sunday at 9am.

Midweek Reflections

Our Midweek Reflections help us to begin thinking about each week's passage.

Training Videos

Fellowship Group Leaders watch a weekly Training Video which is freely available for everyone.

Previous Series

Here are some of the previous series we have covered in our Fellowship Groups, presented to be used free of charge, on the condition that they are not altered or used for profit. We also have a Leaders Training Guide to be used in conjunction with every series, these are also available but we ask that you contact the church for them at


Have Questions?

Carel Pienaar (Assistant Pastor) oversees the Fellowship Groups as part of the Maturity portfolio at St Peters Fish Hoek.

If you have have any questions he would love to chat! Feel free to contact him via email or the office telephone.

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